Top mistakes in social dancing

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We’re all dancing: in our room, in the club, under the shower, with or without someone around. When we are alone, we don’t need to follow any rule, but when it comes to social dancing, than things change. Social dance defines a category of all the dance forms, where socializing is the main goal. Many social dances imply a partner, and here we can start talking about the rules I mentioned above.

1)      Don’t you ever stop while dancing – let’s imagine that your partner said or did something wrong. If you want to stop the dance in the middle of the song, this is not a good idea, moreover if you want to criticize your partner. Just relax and try to build a connection with your partner. After all, dance means having fun, not get upset.

2)      Don’t judge yourself, don’t be ashamed – there are a lot of people outhere who are just afraid to step outside the box and show the other what they can do. While they sit at their table with their drink in their hands, a lot of questions are coming and going through their mind: What if I’m not good enough? What if they look at me, and I get ashamed? Am I good dancer? Do I have the perfect dress? Do I have the perfect hairstyle? Stop all these questions! Dance means there’s just you and the dance floor. No one else is around, so how about forget about anything else?

3)      Dancing is good way to start a conversation – this is true, but after the dance. While dancing, all the conversation should be non-verbal. The entire conversation should be between your body and your partner’s. Let the words flow after the dance and try to enjoy the moment.

4)      Trying out all your secret moves on the dance floor – it’s good that you want to impress, but your partner wants to dance, not to be tested. So how about showing these moves later on, after the connection has been built?

5)      No one needs frowny faces – yes, we know that you had a bad day at work, but during the social dance, try to leave everything behind and smile. Eye contact and a strong smile mean a successful approach on the dance floor.

6)      Men lead, women follow – sure, it would be perfect! This shows that you are confident in what you know and not just a good dancer, but a real man. If you don’t feel good enough to do that, just forget about it and let her lead the dance.


7)      Paying attention to details is another important thing while dancing. The lack of focus or just not being close enough to your partner might draw you in making the same mistakes again and again.

8)      Dancing faster than it should be – we always need to follow the rhythm. You and your partner need to build up your own tempo, and later on synchronize your moves. You should always pay attention on how you’re doing and what you’re doing so you can learn from your own mistakes..

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