Top 5 Marc Anthony songs

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Marc Anthony songs

Marco Antonio Muñiz Rivera, better known as Marc Anthony, is an actor and singer of Salsa, Merengue and ballads. Born in the U.S. but with Puerto Rican roots, this artist has revolutionized the genre with his powerful voice, able to reach very high notes, and also acquired great fame for being the husband of the well known singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. We present the top 5 of this great artist.


5 I need to know

This song in English has the characteristic sound of the 90’s, and was one of the songs that propelled the career of Marc as a singer of international stature.

4 Rain over me

This recent collaboration with Pitbull song is the perfect song to dance at any party or club. Shows the most modern facet of Marc and how he can adapt his great voice to any style.

3 Tu amor me hace bien

Another of the most famous songs of Marc “Tu amor me hace bien” is a perfect example of vocal ability and how Marc uses the technique of “vibrato” to perfection. Another favorite of the audience and without a doubt an excellent piece for dancing.

2 Valió la pena

A global hit and one of the most complete and bright musical composition throughout their discography. A pleasure to listen to and even more to dance.

1 Ahora quién

The best and most famous song by Marc Anthony. It was the song that consecrated him in 2005 as one of the leading exponents of Salsa . This song is known worldwide and like many others, also tests the quality of Marc as a singer, as it is a really hard  song to sing because of it high notes, but that’s always a piece of cake for Marc.


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