Top 5 Gilberto Santa Rosa songs

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Gilberto Santa Rosa

Gilberto Santa Rosa songs

Gilberto Santa Rosa Cortés was born in Puerto Rico in 1962, and is best known to the world as the “caballero de la salsa” because of his active participation and long career related to Salsa music. With more than 25 records on his catalogue, he has achieved great success throughout LatinAmerica and the world. We will review now his top 5 songs.


5 Vivir sin ella

A song of spite and how hard it is to live without your loved one. This is one of the most famous songs of Gilberto and also a great song to practice your salsa dancing, since it is not too hard to dance to.

4 Por mas que intento

A song with a similar topic as the previous one, but then again, Gilberto is the master when it comes to write love ballads like this. One of the greatest songs from Gilberto Santa Rosa. The video speaks for itself.

3 Conteo Regresivo

A powerful and creative song about a break up. A classic salsa song that will definitely  sound at every respectable Latin party.

2 Conciencia

One of the first songs from Gilberto. A love salsa song that remains as a classic. What happens when our love is greater that our conscience? That’s what this song is about.

*Before we get to the best song of Gilberto Santa Rosa, we have to include as an extra another wonderful slow ballad that is a must if we are making a list of the best songs from Gilberto*

*Pueden decir

Another great song of love and repentance; one of the best songs from Gilberto vocal-wise.

1 Que alguien me diga

The best and most famous song from Gilberto Santa Rosa. The salsa version of this song is actually one of the best salsa songs of all time. Gilberto delivers an amazing performance and the music composition of the song simply wonderful.


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