Top 10 Rubén Blades songs

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Rubén Blades is a composer, singer, actor and Panamanian lawyer who since 1969 has provided quality music to all the people of LatinAmerica; with his “intellectual Salsa”, lyrics that have much social criticism, Rubén has become an icon for the entire continent, without a doubt a benchmark of the Salsa.

Now we present you the top 10 Rubén Blades songs.

10 Sin tu cariño

One of the first songs of Rubén that launched him to stardom, a complete composition and a perfect example of how a Salsa song should be like.

9 Chica Plástica

One of the most popular songs of Rubén, which criticizes the superficial people and shows how the world is full of material people. With an unmistakable introduction, this is a very popular song throughout Latin America.

8 Decisiones

Another great song from Rubén. In this song, he presents life situations and how our decisions are critical, for better or for worse.

7 Amor y control

A rather sentimental song that Rubén sings to the love of parents; a love that lasts forever no matter the circumstances. One of those songs that make mothers cry.

6 Ojos

One of the most remarkable musical compositions of Rubén. The real Salsa is present throughout the song. A litmus test for those who claim that “know how to dance salsa”

5 Ligie Elena

A beautiful song that tells the story of “Ligie Elena” a young socialite who gave her love to a humble trumpetist . Again, challenging social stereotypes and showing how love knows no social class.

4 Nació mi niño

Another song dedicated to parents; new parents. The feeling of having a first child is reflected in this piece to perfection. The mixture of nerves and excitement, and in the video below , Ruben sings it with all his charisma and even a little acting .

3 Maestra Vida

A song about life. How goes life and everything that goes with it. Good and bad, laughter and tears, justice and injustice . A chorus that is known worldwide “Maestra life , camera – gives and takes away , takes away and gives you”

2 Buscando Guayaba

A song to dance and enjoy from beginning to end. The trumpets are protagonists and add the Latin flavor that is noticeable and feels clearly in the song.

1 Pedro Navaja

The best and most famous song of Ruben Blades, a song that starts slowly and grows slowly. The story of a murderer, “Pedro Navaja” and how when he tries to commit on of his crimes, life surprises him and he dies. A song you hear on every concert of Rubén.



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