Top 10 Juan Luis Guerra songs

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Juan Luis Guerra songs

Born in the Dominican Republic, songwriter and multi instrumentalist, Juan Luis Guerra has over 30 years rattling parties throughout Latin America and the world. Creditor of the most prestigious awards in the music industry, has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. With an extensive catalog covering genres such as “meringue”, ballads, and of course, the “bachata”.

We will try to do justice to his discography with a top 10, but we know that with each new album, this artist reinvents himself, and new hits are added to the list.


10. “El costo de la vida”

“El Costo De la Vida” or “the price of life” is a merengue song that talks about the effects of global capitalism on the people, the struggles people have to deal with such as gas prices going up but wage not going up. Its fast danceable, lively merengue beat. This song offers a critical picture of Latin American society. This song was his first number-one hit in the Hot Latin Tracks (from billboard).

9. Medicine for my soul / “La llave de mi corazón”

One of the more recent compositions of Juan; recorded two versions for the same album, one in English and one in Spanish. Pleasing audiences of both languages​​, this song proves once more the universality of this great artist and regardless of the language, you can feel his energy and charisma.

8. “Estrellitas y duendes”

The most popular love ballad of Juan. Just an ode to “bachata” and a composition that endured over time. One of the songs most requested by the public, and that certainly will not be missing in the repertoire of Juan for his shows.

7. “Woman del Callao”

This is one of the first songs that Juan incorporated the English language to reach wider audiences, and achieved it satisfactorily. Woman of Callao and it’s unmistakable riff at the beginning, was a hit at the time and is still very frequently heard on radio’s of the Caribbean.

6. “Ojalá que llueva café”

“Hope it rains coffee” is a song of social criticism, in which Juan sings for the farmers and the poor. Always conscious of a latent problem in his country and in many other of South America and Central America, this song and album (of the same name) was a clear approach of Juan Luis Guerra  to the lower classes of society. A clear message to all his Latin American brothers.

5. “Bachata en fukuoka”

The diversity of sounds that Juan incorporates in his music never ceases to amaze. In this song from one of his more recent albums, he incorporates oriental sounds that blend perfectly with traditional “bachata.” The result: a stunning musical composition with the unmistakable stamp of Juan Luis Guerra.

4. “La Bilirrubina”

One of the most danced to compositions of Juan Luis Guerra. This song talks about how his health changes when his love is ignored. Undoubtedly, one of the songs that is still danced to. Also one of the most famous songs of Juan.

3. “Las avispas”

This song was the first single from the album “Para ti”(for you) an album dedicated to God and whose songs are all about Juan’s love for God and the close relationship he has with his religion. Although it is known that Christian music does not become too popular, the album reached great success for its innovation, plus Juan sticked to his style no matter the theme of the album.

2. “Burbujas de amor”

A song that shows again why Juan Luis Guerra is one of the greatest exponents of “bachata” in the world. One of the most appropriate songs to dance with your partner, and definitely a gem when played live. Also, one of the most requested song by the audience.

1.“Niagara en bicicleta”

The most famous song of Juan. A direct critic to the health services throughout Latin America Juan sings about himself crossing the Niagara falls on his bicycle (something clearly unreasonable and impossible) and then his emergency run to the hospital(a hospital allegedly for “people”) to be treated. Then, in the hospital, there are no resources to treat his condition. This song is the greatest social critique of Juan, and earned him enough credentials to position himself as a defender of the poor and the ones who are oppressed. Overall, this song is a work of art.

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