Top 10 Héctor Lavoe songs

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Hector Lavoe

Héctor Lavoe songs

Considered the best Salsa singer of all times, this artist born in Puerto Rico in 1946 dedicated his life to music and Salsa, acquiring great fame during the 70s and 80s. Supported by other artists such as Willy Colon, Tito Puente and the Fania All Stars, Héctor produced more than 40 albums throughout his career, captivating audiences in Latin America and the world. Despite his successful career, he had a life marked by personal tragedy that led him to use drugs and even attempt suicide. Finally, he would die of a heart attack in 1993, but his legend lives on his music and his great voice . We present the top 10 from “El cantante de los cantantes” Héctor Lavoe.


10 Juanito Alimaña

With very similar lyrics “Pedro Navaja” by Rubén Blades, this song is about a criminal which relies too much on his own luck. The figure of a “Juanito Alimaña” is very common in any Latin American neighborhood, so people feel very identified with this song.

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9 Mi gente

A cheerful song of thanks to the audience who listen to Héctor and Salsa music in general. In the following video, a presentation on Africa, Hector thanks the audience with a vibrant presentation of this song.

8 El día de mi suerte

A true “Salsa Brava” and one of the most famous and known choirs of Salsa music. One of those songs embedded in LatinAmerican popular culture; speaks of the reality faced by many : waiting for a day to change your luck for the better

7 Ella mintió

Considered the last great success of Héctor. Despite all the beatings in his life at this moment, Hector shows us in this song that he never lost his virtues and his talent for music.

6 Triste y vacía

Salsa songs topics are usually about men, but in this song Héctor sings to women who suffer from a liar. A classic theme to dance Salsa .

5 Ah, Ah / Oh- No

An absolute innovation for Salsa. With a very similar sound of modern salsa songs melody, this song was a huge hit at the time.

4 Calle luna, calle sol

Famous song that tells the situation that exists in LatinAmerica dangerous neighborhoods where there are many thieves and murderers. In this song you can enjoy the great vocal ability Hector “Calle luna, calle sol” was a big hit of Hector.

3 Todo tiene su final

And now the top 3 of Hector. “Todo tiene su final” is an anthem of Salsa. A song that surpasses the test of time, and with lyrics that talks about how there is nothing eternal. Deep lyrics with excellent musical composition.

2 Periódico de ayer

If you want to learn how a Salsa song should be from beginning to end, this is the song that you should have as a role model. Salsa is defined in this song. The lyrics, the music, the vibe; exemplified in this salsa song “Periódico de ayer”

1 El cantante

Composed by Rubén Blades especially for Héctor, this song is a reflection of the very life of Héctor Lavoe. The singer’s life: full of fame and pleasure, but that hides a lot of sadness. Without further ado, we leave for you the best song of the singer of singers, el cantante de los cantantes, Héctor Lavoe.

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