Top 10 Celia Cruz songs

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Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz songs

At the heart of Havana, Ursula Hilaria Celia Caridad Cruz Alfonso was born; better known as Celia Cruz, who in life was to become the most famous and acclaimed salsa singer and Guaracha of history. Despite living in exile most of her life, Celia never forgot her roots and always wanted a Cuba free of communism and its dictator Fidel Castro. Her music meant hope and joy to thousands of Cubans who also lived in exile status, and she gained respect and love of many around the world thanks to her charisma and empathy. Now we present Celia’s top 10 songs.


10 Oye como va

This cover of the famous song by Carlos Santana is played by Celia with her ​​unique voice, giving a different approach to Carlo’s already well-known song.

9 Bemba colorá

Her powerful voice sings this song about her native Cuba and many aspects of her traditional land. In the following video we have a wonderful interpretation of the song.

8 Que le den candela

One of the best – maybe the best – dance song of Celia. With a lyrics in which she supports independent woman; she encourages them to not be dominated by men.

7 La negra tiene tumbao

One of the last songs of Celia, which combines modern sounds with its classic and traditional Guaracha “Azúcar!”

6 Guantanamera

A classic Cuban song whose lyrics are from the famous Cuban poet José Martí. A song that Celia could not stop playing in her long career.

5 Burundanga

A classic from Celia and her band which for many years she was part of, “La Sonora matancera”. A song that gives us the message of not to fight, because we are all brothers.

4 Rie, llora

Living life to the fullest. Enjoy the good … and the bad! Because life is one. One of the most popular songs from Celia, an ode to life itself. Azúcar for everyone!

3 Quimbara

Another traditional Cuban song. A very upbeat song that will make you want to dance without a doubt, but to do so you must be an expert!

2 Yo viviré

An adaptation of the famous song by Gloria Gaynor “I will survive” but with the Latin flavor that only Celia can give to any song. Coincidentally, perfectly describes what is Celia, as despite failing to win the battle against cancer that ended her life, she will live forever in the hearts of all Cubans and be the queen of salsa and guaracha.

An emotional video below, in a tribute concert to her life and persona.

1 Carnaval

The song that represents Celia’s life. Life is a carnival. Life is for enjoy it and not to mourn!

Celia, thank you for all. Thank for sweetening our lives with your Azúcar!

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