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Martha Grahaman, an influential American choreographer and dancer, once said “Dance is the hidden language of the soul”. This article will describe some of the benefits of Salsa dancing.

Dance brings out the best in all of us, mentally, physically and in some cultures – spiritually. Salsa is a vibrant, energizing dance form originating from Latin America,that has taken the fitness world by storm these days. The health benefits of this Latin dance form are immense. A powerful workout for the lower body, muscular toning, optimum blood circulation, calorie burning, and the list is endless.

But let’s talk about the qualitative benefits that Salsa can have on us.

For one, Salsa can help us to achieve an amazing comfort level with our own bodies. This comfort comes from the satisfaction of having achieved a superbly toned body.

There’s no better way to be physically drained and mentally alert at the same time! Salsa dancing helps in releasing pent up anger, frustration, other negative emotions that cloud the mind, and helps to channel it in the most effective manner. It is no doubt the perfect ‘venting’ machine for our day-to-day stresses! Be it work or family tensions.

Let’s not forget that this exotic dance form can unquestionably infuse some zest and romance in our life. How? No other dance form can get as fun, flirty and seductive as Salsa can! Moreover it improves co-operation and team work between partners. In short, Salsa can heal relationships and even seal new ones.

Salsa helps to gain adequate leverage on our social life as well. We can hope to make new friends and thereby expand our social network which can consequently allay our feelings of loneliness and melancholy.

Salsa aids in mind-body coordination, and therefore strengthens our mental capacity. The challenge to memorize the steps sharpens our focus and helps in improving memory. This is definitely food for the brain!

The confidence we build on the dance floor, the sense of accomplishment and of course the wonder we create in the minds of all those who watch us dance, help to boost our self-pride. Are you intimidated by salsa dancing? then consider starting with bachata.

In the end, Salsa leaves both the mind and soul humming happy tunes!

Video of an elderly energetic woman dancing to Cuban Salsa


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