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Teodoro Reyes – songwriter and bachata singer was born in 1954 in the Dominican Republic. Blind from birth, since he was a little child he showed talent and love for music. His discography includes 11 albums and numerous hits. His music is generally a sad sob in front of a glass of drink, talking about broken hearts and unfulfilled love. The rhythm of his music is in general quick and very quick; the pinched sounds of cold guitar and the strong voice leading the melody to bachata classical style.

As a song writer, Teodoro Reyes tasted the success first time with “La Hamaquita” a song which became famous thanks to Fernando Villalona – the Dominican Singing Legend. His first success gave him confidence and in 1984, Teodoro Reyes launched his first disc: “Linda Palabritas”/ “Beautiful words” and this start up made Teodoro Reyes well known in Dominican Republic.

During the next years, Teodoro Reyes worked hard and put his entire soul in his work, bringing out to the light another hit: “Vuelve con tu papá”/ “Return to your father” for which in 1994 he was awarded with the Premios Casandra in Dominican Republics as the best Bachata singer of the year.

When you speak about bachata, Teodoro Reyes is the heart of it!

Teodoro Reyes has released other great hits like “Los pobres también aman” and “Muriendo de amor”, and his music remains among the favorites for those seeking traditional bachata sound and lyrics in the Dominican Republic. One of his famous songs “Morire Bebiendo” (I will die drinking) is the kind of song which you wish to listen when you enter in a bar with your soul full of sorrow and sadness and the only idea in your mind is to drink until you forget even your name! And this is exactly how the music of Teodoro Reyes makes you feel and maybe that’s why many of us identify with it so perfect and melt in Teodoro Reyes songs.


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