Tango fever in Dubai

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It takes two to Tango, even in Dubai. This Argentinian dance form has gained considerable popularity in this middle eastern city, that more and more people are rushing to the various Tango organizations to experience this lively dance.

Tango was born in Argentina. Its humble beginnings in the slums of Buenos Aires and Montevideo did not stop it from spreading far and wide. However because of its popular status and the political implications that followed, Tango was banned twice by the Government in less than 50 years. tango dubai

With the continued success of the fifth Dubai Tango Festival, Tango has attracted not only members of the Argentinian community, but also other nationalities as well. The festival aims to spread awareness of the history and nature of Tango in an attempt to revive this dance form.  Everyone from experienced dancers to those who have got the aptitude, to non dancers is invited to watch spell binding performances by world famous Tango maestros. Complete with Argentinian cuisine, music and entertainment, the yearly Tango festivals satisfy the dreams of those who are passionate about this dance style. Tango fans also get an opportunity to interact with the experts and understand the know how of this exotic dance form.

Out of the various forms of Tango, the Salon Dance is the most commonly imbibed style in Dubai. Tango etiquette is one of a kind and this alone sets it apart from the other dances. Dubai is an eclectic pot of diverse cultures and so people are expected to adhere to the rules of Tango before embarking on its journey.

Exciting Milonga nights are held around superb locations in Dubai. A Milonga is a social gathering or venue for Tango dancing. In other words, these are tango parties. Gatherings of these kinds bring together not only the people of Argentina but other communities too. This reinforces the spirit of Tango and the bonding that it creates. Tango fever in Dubai has definitely taken the city by storm!


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