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Adrian-and-AnitaThe Salsa LA style is perhaps the most glitzy and glamorous of all Latin American dances.  As a result, it is considered more of a ‘show’ than dance by many dance patrons. This particular form of Salsa can be traced back to the Cubans migrants in the USA, who borrowed many elements from the Mambo and the Swing dance styles . Salsa LA was developed by brothers Francisco & Luis Vazquez, Rogelio Moreno. and the little brother Johnny Vazquez. But many others have also been credited for its propagation in America.

The Salsa LA is a lot more complicated than the Cuban Salsa. The most distinctive difference is the ‘in-line’ pattern of dance as opposed to the circular motion in its Cuban counterpart. This means that the dancers always come back to the same virtual line they started on. The linear style is perfect for crowded clubs. Variations can also be seen  in styling, relaxation and flow of movement. The essential aspects of this dance style are ‘forward/backward’ basic and ‘cross-body’ lead. Salsa LA is also called Salsa On One, which means that the lead dancer steps forward at the first beat of the music.

Salsa LA focuses more on music, sensuality, theatricals and aerobics. The energy levels are tremendously high and explosive. Because of its Hollywood flavour and high commercial appeal, this is the preferred style on popular TV and can be seen on shows such as “Dancing with the Stars”, and “So you think you can dance”. One can watch the dancers using insanely speedy footwork to high tempo Salsa songs. The Salsa LA dancers also use a lot of dips, drops, flips and other tricks which make for a fantastic watch! The execution is snappy and quick.  Salsa On One has also integrated other types of dancing such as hip-hop, ballroom and jazz which is both technically challenging for the dancer and entertaining for the viewer.  No wonder, Salsa on One is very popular in Europe and around the globe!.

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