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Ataca Jorgie (Jorge Burgos) and La Alemana (Tanja Kensinger) two youngsters performing a Latin dance which became a viral video on Youtube collecting more than 64 million watchers!

Latin dances are the most expressive dances which involve the strength and the feelings of the partners. The hips movements that accompany the Latin dance steps are characteristic. Some well-known Latin dances are rumba, salsa, bachata, paso doble, meringue, cha cha, samba, etc. .

In this video, the dancers are dancing bachata, a Latin American dance. We must recognize that the two dancers have talent, and they perform a perfect dance with great moves and definitely know how to show their passion for dance.

Bachata is a specific Latin dance of the Dominican Republic. Bachata is the dance of passion, of love unfulfilled, is a dance full of romance and deep feelings, which impresses any viewer and makes to revive a sense of love and fulfillment.

Currently, Bachata is considered a passionate Latin dance in which the two partners dance close to each other, sharing their strong feelings. Considered the “blues” of Latin style, Bachata is characterized by lascivious passionate movements on rhythms sustained by classical guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, bongo and guiro.

Please enjoy this amazing video and feel the passion and vibrations of the two dancers with extraordinary movements accompanied by the song of Xtreme – ” Te extrano/ I miss you”.


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