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On March 31st 1995 the entire world lost not only a very good voice, but the best selling artist of the 90s. Selena Quintanilla -Perez was only 23 when she was murdererd by a gunshot. Her fans were in shock, the entire world was in shock, as the one who has been declared “The Queen of Tejano music” was no longer alive.

But who was Selena Quintanilla – Perez?


Selena was born in Texas, and started her first vocal group – Selena y Los Dinos – at the age of nine. At that time, her family got bankrupt and they had to move to Corpus Christi, where the group performed at the street corners, weddings and fairs. As Selena grew up, the concerts began to multiply and after a short time she gave up school for music. In 1985, Selena recorded her first album, which has been released again in 1995, under the name of “Mis primeras grabaciones”.

In 1987, Selena won the title of “The Best Female Vocalist” at Tejano Music awards and in 1989 she signed a contract with EMI Latin. Her album, “Ven Conmigo”, was the first Tejano album recorded by a female which received the gold status. This is the time when her first fan club has been created, under the supervision of Yolanda Saldivar. Two year later, Selena had a big success with her song “Como la Flor”, followed by the succes of the album “Selena Live!”. that won the award for the Best Mexican – American album.


In 1994 was released the album “Amor Prohibido” and nominated for a Grammy award for the Best Mexican-American Album of the year. Success after success came and by the end of 1994, Selena received six more awards, including the award for The Best Latin Artist and Song of the Year for “Como La Flor”. In the same year, her album “Amor Prohibido” was number one in all the charts, replacing Gloria Estefan, selling more than 400 000 copies in US and 50 000 copies in Mexic.

Apart from music, she began her career as a designer, opening two stores with an approximate sells of five million dollars. In the beginning of 1995, Selena’s family discovered that Yolanda, the person who was managing her fan club and finances, was stolling money and decided to fire her. Trying to peacefully solve this situation, Selena met Yolanda in a motel room, but this decision turned out to be the last thing Selena did. She was shot by Yolanda in her right shoulder, dying, later on, at the hospital by sever blood loss.

Selena’s death had a great impact around the world. On April 12, 1995, George W Bush, at that time governor of Texas, declared April 16, her birthday as being “Selena Day” in Texas. After her death, her album, Dreaming of you, sold more than 330 000 copies in its first week and stroke number one in US Billboard 200. Jeniffer Lopez made her debut in the movie entitled “Selena”, portraying the life of the Latin singer.


Today, her songs are still on the lips of millions of fans around the world. Fans gather every year and visit the tumb of the one who had been the Queen of Tejano music.

Selena- Como la Flor


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