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salsa casino


“Rueda de Casino” began in Cuba in the mid 20th century and is the root of the “Salsa casino” which is danced in Miami and around the world today. In Cuba, people used to gather in the “Halls” called Casinos, which gives the origin of the name. Some say it started in Santiago de Cuba; some say at the famous Casino “Deportivo de La Habana”, or the “Casino de la Playa”, but no one knows exactly where it was. When casinos were closed, people still referred to the dance style using the name of the places where people gathered to dance “casino” so the name stuck. People nowadays refers to music “Salsa” and the proper dancing of it as “Salsa casino”


There are several moves and ways to dance salsa casino, but the tempo of the song will always guide the dancer. Check the following videos to know some more about salsa casino and some dance moves!




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