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The popularity of salsa music has grown worldwide in recent years, including in China where this salsa event is taking place.

The popularity of salsa music has grown worldwide in recent years, including in China where this salsa event is taking place.

Without a doubt, salsa music and dance are a primarily American phenomenon. By this of course we don’t mean just the United States. Salsa is very popular in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and a number of other Latin American territories as well.

Just because salsa is popular here does not mean that it hasn’t traveled around the world. In fact, many might be surprised by the extent to which salsa has become an international craze.

Take for example the China Salsa Congress. Now having been held for five consecutive years in Beijing, China, the Congress draws salsa performers and enthusiasts from all over the world. This year’s Congress featured stars from the United States, Cuba, Canada, Colombia, Russia, Mexico, Japan, and other nations as well. Most casual fans of salsa music would never imagine that such a massive salsa event could take place on the other side of the globe from the traditional home of salsa, but the China Salsa Congress is evidence that this truly does happen!

Salsa has also become a popular genre of music in Europe. Starting primarily in the 1990s, the arrival of a number of popular salsa music acts from across the Atlantic Ocean to tour Europe and the United Kingdom is well documented. This led to the formation of an original salsa music scene in London, England. Take for example Tumbaito, a British salsa group fronted by Venezuelan drummer and percussionist Williams Cumberbache. Their fusion of salsa music with other styles from around the world showcases the global potential of the salsa phenomenon.

Though the genre has roots firmly placed in the American continent, it is safe to say that the passing of time has spread salsa around the world. The genre has been adapted by artists of all backgrounds as the original creators of salsa music have selflessly shared their musical gift with fans and artists around the globe.

Ari & Minako Salsa Performance at Osaka Salsa Paradiso


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  1. I was going to say that I bet this type of dancing/music is popular around the world. If you watch some of the moves you could easily say that it is easy that it can cater to anyone that is willing to listen and learn.

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