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Enlightening children about cultural diversity is a crucial feature of Sesame Street.  Latino heritage has always been an important part of Sesame Street’s mission to understand and respect cultural differences. When Bachata singer, Romeo Santos stopped by on Sesame Street for Hispanic Heritage Month, fans were elated. Santos’ latest single “Propuesta Indecente” is the number one on the Hot Latin Songs Chart.

Romeo sang a lively tune in Spanglish, helping a crestfallen Muppet to make some friends.

This 32 year-old guest had a guileless proposal for Elmo in the form of a bilingual tune called ‘Quiero Ser Tu Amigo’  about making friends and thereby fascinating the other Muppets . The lyrics were immaculately clean to suit the younger audience, and Elmo landed up making three new buddies.

romeo at sesame street

If you are a Romeo fan, then you’ll be blown away as he adorns a nurturing avatar. If you’ve really not understood what the big fuss about Santos is, then his charming encounter with Elmo and his friends will definitely engage you.

The episode shows a downcast Elmo, sulking because he does not have anybody to play with.  Quiero Ser Tu Amigo asks children to overcome their inhibitions and extend their hands in friendship. Sesame Street has always provided family friendly entertainment and introduced its junior viewers to modern music and melodies . And so Romeo Santos brings the Bachata to this fictional street.

Kudos to the shows innovative practice of featuring Latino Artists who have included many Latin American celebrities to ensure that Hispanic culture remains an integral part of this children’s educational show.

Also check out one of Romeo’s latest hits “Propuesta Indecente”.


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