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Imagine you’re at your wedding on the dance floor, surrounded by friends and family.

Music is about to begin. Are you ready?

It’s by far the most important event in your life. And more than any other usual day, on your wedding day you want to shine, your knees not shake and above all, that you don’t step on the feet of your partner.

So how about to prepare yourself by taking classes of dance and why not a Latin dance? What can be more appropriate and fit more than to start your life together as a couple on salsa, bachata or merengue steps? Passion, love, feelings, lascivious movements, rhythm and fire on a music that will rise up from the chairs all your guests!  This is what we call Latin dance and this is why the Latin people are famous for… beside their hot blood, extreme beauty and spicy delicious food!

What is missing is to find an excellent Latin dance school, sign up for the classes and let the trainers prepare you and your partner to amaze your guests on your wedding day. Choose your song and the trainers will prepare for you the best choreography which will fit your personality and your partner’s as well. No dance looks like another because the story of every couple is unique and so it is your story!

Worried about the steps? Don’t be! Every couple is different and assimilates steps harder or easier. After the first lesson the trainers will realize how many sessions are needed to learn a choreography simple, but beautiful. So let everything to them and you just take your partner and dance! On your wedding day you will be more than ready!

Meanwhile, here are some simple tricks for an easy way to dance:

1.    Trust is essential. When you start to dance, you have to trust yourself. Those around you will understand immediately that you have the situation under control and that you know what you do.

2.    Keep your eyes focused on the partner. If you dance alone or in a group, avoid looking down. Keeping your head up projects around an aura of confidence that others will find attractive and sexy.

3.    As a beginner you can learn to dance quickly and securely if you imitate someone. Look around the room; find someone moving good on the music and who can be your inspiration.

4.    Improve your basic steps and use them regularly in dance. The simplicity of your movements and your trust in yourself will make you look better and more confident on the dance floor.

5.    Never mind what other people think of you. In clubs and at parties, and on the dance floor about half of the people around you think that they don’t dance well.

And just to encourage you once more, here are Damaris and Angel dancing Mambo, Salsa and Bachata at their wedding as their first dance or the opening dance of their wedding!

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