Prince Royce’s fresh twist to Bachata music

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Born to a Dominican Taxi driver and a beautician, Geoffery Royce Rojas grew up in the unruly Bronx, amidst drug warlords and shootouts. His parents ensured that he was always home at night. Such was the strict upbringing of this young Latino, who has currently become the Latin American music world’s hottest entrée. Following the likes of Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias and Selena Gomez, Prince Royce is the latest to join the bandwagon.

As a boy Royce was regularly surrounded by the cadence of the Bachata. During summer break visits to his grandma’s home in the Dominican Republic, he was always in constant contact with his Hispanic roots. His fascination for poetry led him to experiment with music. He went on to top the class at his school, Bronx Academy of Letters, after which he attended Manhattan Community College to become an English teacher.

But destiny had different plans for the honey skinned Dominican heartthrob.


His first hit, a Spanglish version of Ben E. King’s Stand By Me turned him into a star overnight in 2010 and he hasn’t stopped ever since. (Benjamin Earl King, better known as Ben E. King, is a soul singer from America, who sang and composed Stand By Me, which found a place in the US Top Ten in 1961)

Even though most of his songs talk about love and heartsickness, there are a few astonishing twists. Corazon Sin Cara, which he wrote while in his teens, went on to become one of his biggest selling hits, assuring women who were self conscious about their appearances. Invisible, inspired from his childhood days in the Bronx, talks about the absence of a father’s involvement in the life of a child.

His latest album Soy el Mismo,  uses instruments such as the harp, saxophone and harmonica, which are typically not found in Bachata.

Prince Royce’s albums have helped expose Bachata to audiences unfamiliar with this style of music. Fresh and innovative, his musical productions are extremely gratifying. The singing sensation is currently the blue-eyed boy of the Latin music world, with his poignant execution of Bachata flavoured with pop and R&B.

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