How to overcome the fear of dancing

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Dance fear
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From research and feasibility study, it is important to know that the fear of dancing may extend to selecting to lean against the wall at a party. In fact, it can as well extend to watching other people have nice time dancing while you don’t. This type of fear is called chorophobia in medical terms. It is an irrational and intense dread with the experience of dancing. This is especially discovered when you are standing in front of other people. To some people, fear of dancing may be related with a traumatic experience. Some people may even be embarrassed by their lack of natural grace. We hope that with the few enumerated points below, you will decrease your fear to dancing.


Step 1:


There may be a possibility to recall a negative experience that led to your fear of dancing in the public. You may even discover that the fear of dancing came from other people such as siblings, parents and just to mention a few. At this juncture, you will have to disassociate yourself with the past negative experience. Finding this experience and in a way “moving on” can be the first step on changing your emotional response to dancing.


Step 2:


Next on the list is to properly handle the fear due to a lack of experience and fear of the unknown. This can be done by confining in a trusted person. This will not allow your emotions to paralyze you. You can practice with someone you are comfortable with. You can watch dance-themed films or video instructions to gain some insight on dancing moves and practice them with your partner. This will help to finally overcome you being uncomfortable dancing.


Step 3:


Finally, you will have to apply gradual exposure strategies to ease your way onto the dance floor. Ensure to watch live dancing performance to understand how people can dance naturally without any fear attached. This idea can be applied to Latin dance, Latin music, Bachata, Salsa, dancing and other movement related events. Also, you can take dancing classes to gain confidence and skills. There are so many services offering dancing classes today either online or offline. Ensure to enroll for one today. We hope that with these tips you will be on your way to overcome your dancing fears.

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