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Oscar2Oscar D’Leon was the bona fide star of the Salsa boom on the international stage. The 1970’s took notice of his phenomenal talent to dance, sing and play his white bass all at once. In 1973, he formed his band La Dimension Latina, that fit into the Cuban-Puerto Rican tradition of classic Salsa. The band put on a fine show with perfectly synchronized dance steps and impeccable vocals, and produced a hit record “Pensando en Ti”.  In 1990, the Venezuelan moved to New York where he performed duet after duet with the reigning Salsa queen, Celia Cruz, and became a favourite of top Salsa label RMM.

Oscar D’Leon’s global reputation as a Salsa star precedes him.  This Cuban souled Venezuelan’s career has been built up on jazzed up and jumpy Cuban style of music or the Son Cubano,  with a Colombian tinge. His style of Salsa is heavily influenced by Cuban swing bands. His style of singing also owes much to the Cubans, rather than the Venezuelans, and of course his lifelong idol, the Cuban giant – Beny Moré. His magnificent 19 piece orchestra portrays incredible tight musicianship and he enthralls the audience as he dances and sings with his teenage boys on stage.

With an untarnished musical career, Oscar D’Leon ended the year 2000 with  a high energy dance hit “Mi Mujer Es Una Bomba” and “Deja Que Te Quiera”. His fan following reach as far as France and Japan..

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