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    Police Officer teaches kids to salsa dance
    Cop dancing salsa Viral video of SAPD officer teaching children to salsa dance to Rik Indio's - Demasiado Fuerte SAN ANTONIO – A police officer showed off his salsa moves and quickly became a viral sensation. Leslie Sapp posted the two-minute long video of a SAPD officer salsa dancing with a group of kids in a backyard. According to her Facebook post, the officer originally came to the house for a noise complaint. They were hosting a dance crew event, but once the officer arrived it turned into a salsa dance session with kids of all ages. ”Continue

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    Celia Cruz

    Celia Cruz in an episode of Sesame Street
    Back in 1987, she appeared in an episode of Sesame Street, alongside Big Bird. And what starts as a trivial conversation about birds turns into a salsa dance session before ”…”

    Heide Somers

    Heidi Somers cardio Routine includes and salsa dancing
    Heidi Somers is a fitness inspiration, online trainer, and aspiring pro Bikini competitor. ”…”

    big shots salsa kids

    Incredible Salsa Dancing Kids
    Beberly Got a Killer look! These two New Jersey kids are really incredible salsa dancers and will steal your heart in two minutes. Look at the rhythm of their dancing and the ”…”

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