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Map locations


“Map of Salsa and Bachata clubs in so Cal” is a tool to help people find venues that play Salsa and Bachata music.
This map will be updated periodically, and if you want to add a venue to the map then make sure to post a comment or
send us an email. Also make sure to like the map if you found it helpful. You can post comments about your favorite Salsa and Bachata
venues as well as others. On this map you will be able to get directions by selecting a name on the right side of the map and then clicking
on directions on the pop up bubble, or by clicking directly to the pointer and then clicking on directions.



Calendar of venues that play Salsa and/or Bachata

      = mainly Salsa played                                    = mainly Bachata played

The calendar is tentative, make sure to contact the event’s promoter to confirm events. If you want to have your event/venue posted on the calendar
then email Ernerso at ernesto @mydanceproductions.com (without the space between ernesto and @)

About the calendar

The Calendar of Salsa and Bachata events is a tool to made to display weekly Salsa and Bachata events in los angeles and surrounding areas.
The events Calendar is updated whenever we hear from a new venue or when we are informed that a certain event location has been modified or cancelled.
It is recommended to contact the venue or promoter of the event to confirm the event is taking place.

There are many events of Salsa and Bachata going on in Los angeles area, but sometimes it is hard to track when clubs play the music you want, so because of that we decided to make this calendar. This calendar will help organize a schedule of club’s/venue’s information and give Salseros and Bachateros helpful information as well as promote Salsa and Bachata events in los angeles.
The events on the calendar are from los angeles and also surrounding areas.

How to use

This Calendar works by displaying the name of the venue that has a club/dancing night on a specific day. Once you click on the name of the venue you will get the address for the selected event.
Also you can get directions for different venues by visiting the “Clubs” tab or selecting the “get driving directions” link. You can also change the view of the calendar view selecting the different tabs on the upper right section of the calendar (week, month, agenda).
Make sure to post comments and let us know of any ideas to help us improve this tool.



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