Learning life skills through Salsa

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The term ‘life skills’ refers to the skills usually associated with managing and living a better quality life. These skills help us to reach our ambitions and to live to our maximum potential. Learning new skills help us interpret the world around us in a better way.

If Salsa can create a sense of achievement physically and emotionally, then imagine the heightened sense of achievement we can feel when we are able to take on the world! Yes,  the various techniques used in this Latino dance style can be translated into valuable life skills which we can use wherever we go.

Enjoyable discipline and vigorous training give us the confidence to learn anything anywhere.  Salsa lessons also illustrate how certain competencies such as leadership, time keeping, and teamwork can be translated into our professional life as well. We are equipped to function efficiently in our work spaces. Moreover the skill of co-operation can go a long way in helping us deal effectively in our relationships with other people. Working one-on-one with a partner can help develop life skills of support and empathy. These are quite different from those used in team building.  Concentration, focus, balance, personal accountability, trust and strength are some important tools that we can sharpen when learning the Salsa.

This in turn can even inspire us to contribute to the development of the communities we come from, and to understand and embrace the diversity of other cultures.

These faculties are invaluable and we can choose to use them in any endeavor that we wish to follow. It will help anybody who wishes to succeed in school, career and in life. The life skills that we acquire can help strengthen belief in oneself,  and thereby help us accomplish all that we thought was impossible.

Mind and body stimulation can contribute towards effective mental development, and Salsa dancing can definitely help us achieve that!.

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  1. I love to watch the ways that Salsa dancers move across the dance floor. Just like you mentioned here, dancing is good for your soul and when I see Salsa dancers, it just looks like they are happy on the inside!

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