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Nowadays there are a lot of singers who became actors over night. This is not the case of the ones who I am going to mention below. These are just a few names of latino singers who play in movies: Antonio Banderas, Thalia, Natalia Oreiro and Lucero.

Antonio Banderas on his real name – José Antonio Domínguez Banderas – started his career as an actor in 1982 – “Laberinto de pasiones”. His international recognition came with “Mujeres al borde de un ataque de “nervios”. (1988) In 1992 he started his Hollywood career with “The Mambo Kings”, followed by “Philadelphia”, “Evita”, “The mask of Zorro”.”Frida”. In 1996, Antonio Banderas was recognized as being one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world, title gave by “The people magazine”.

03 Jan 1997 --- Antonio Banderas --- Image by © Amy C. Etra/CORBIS OUTLINE

Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda known to the entire world as Thalia is a Mexican singer, actress and songwriter. The international media entitled her “The Queen of Latin Pop” and “Queen of telenovelas”, thanks to her numerous performances in different television series. Her collaboration with Televisa brought her success starting 1986 with “Pobre señorita Limantour”. One year later, she played with Adela Noriega in “Quinceañera”, which brought her the award for “Best Telenovela of the year”. Other succesful TV performances were in “Rosalinda”, “Maria Mercedes”, “Maria la del Barrio”. All these telenovelas brought her international fame, which was more resonant than her music career.


Natalia Marisa Oreiro Iglesias, or Natalia Oreiro, as her fans know her, developed most of her acting and singing career in Uruguay. Her first role was in the soap opera “Dulce Ana” – 1995, and one year later she was cast in the TV series “90-60-90 modelos”. In 1997 she started playing in “Ricos y famosos” and in 1998 in “Un Argentino en New York”. The single “Cambio Dolor” became the theme for the next project entitled “Muneca Brava”. This role brought her two nominations for a Martin Fierro Award. After this TV series she continued her acting career, but she didn’t succeed in achieving the same fan reception as from the “Muneca Brava” period.


Lucero Hogaza León is a multi-platinum singer from Mexico and also a very good actress. Her first leading role was in the movie entitled “Coqueta”. Afther this movies, she played in nine telenovelas in Mexico where she received the leading role. Lucero is the actress who won the most TVyNovelas awards. Regarding the movies where she played, you can find her in the following: “Delincuente”, “Fiebre de Amor”, “Escapate Conmigo”, “Quisiera ser Hombre” , “Deliciosa Sinverguenza”, “Tarzan”, “Zapata: El sueno de un heroe”.


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