What is Kizomba?

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Kizomba means “party” and it’s both a music and a dance style. Its origins are within the ethnic group called Bantu, and along with other dances like Semba, Maringa, Dizanda are carnival dances. Apart from Angola, this type of dance can be found in many Portuguese speaking countries like: Cape Verde, Mozambique, Brazil, Macau. His popularity grew faster and now is more and more known in the European countries as well as in US.

Kizomba dance is very sensual and contains Tango elements that bring couples more closer to each other. It also contains Cuban elements, as a result of the influence that Cuban had over Angola during the civil war. It is known that nowadays, this dance is an evolution of the Semba dance, a traditional dance performed on Zouk music. Kizomba got more popular after the 90s, when it shaped its form and created its own style. At this moment, in Angola, people don’t make the difference between Kizomba and Semba dance.

Couple Dancing Tango

There are several styles in Kizomba.

  • Passada — classic style
  • Tarraxinha
  • Quadradrinha
  • Ventoinha

One thing is sure: Kizomba is a very sensual dance, very catchy, and it brings something new and exciting in the dance industry.

Kizomba music has the influences of Semba and Zouk music, mixed with the African rhythm. Today, the best known singers are from Cape Verde: Suzanna Lubrano, Johnny Ramos, Nelson Freitas. They have many popular compilations, and developed their own version of Zouk, combined with Coladeira, also known as Cola-dance.

In order to have an idea about the basic steps, please watch the following video


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