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Elvis+Crespo+elvispngElvis Crespo grew up in Puerto Rico. At the age of fourteen he auditioned for the group Menudo. However his first gig was with a salsa-merengue orchestra, from where he began an undefeated voyage into the world of merengue music.

Crespo began his musical journey as a singer for the band Grupo Mania in 1994.  But his stay with the group was short and he bid farewell in 1996.

In 1998 he went on to release his debut album ‘Suavemente’, and the single of the same name became a hit overnight. Suavemente became so popular in both Latin America and the US, that it earned him the award for Best Male Tropical/Salsa Album of the Year from Billboard. The song became successful,  partly because, it unexpectedly attracted English speaking listeners of New York and Miami, reaching streets in Egypt and neighbourhoods in Australia. In 1999 he won a Grammy for Best Merengue Performance. Subsequent albums that followed failed to create a stir, but in 2002, he exploded back on the scene with ‘Urbano’, which featured a cover of Spanish singer Lorca’s Besame en la Boca.

In 2012, the songwriter, actor, producer and TV host released his 8th solo album called ‘Indestructible’, symbolizing his musical career through obstacles.

His dark hair, Andalusian features, casual demeanour and seductive crooning has made him the poster boy of Latin music much to the thrill of his female fans. Elvis Crespo proved to the Latin World that he has been just not an ordinary Puerto Rican on the meringue expedition and has gone on to become the King of Merengue and Merengue fusion.

Listen to Elvis crespo “hey dude” from the album “Indestructible”


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