Incredible Salsa Dancing Kids

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Beberly Got a Killer look!

These two New Jersey kids are really incredible salsa dancers and will steal your heart in two minutes. Look at the rhythm of their dancing and the style of moving their feet, they are amazing. While dancing salsa, they often add their talent by moving hips as well as the upper body. Also, coordination with the foot work was another thing to admire. After all, following beats while dancing salsa isn’t too much easy. These world champion kids wasted no time getting onto the dance floor in the Salsa Caleña which requires faster movement of the feet as well as acrobatics.

The name of the girl is Beberly and she has got a killer look. Beberly along with her partner Johnathan was looking so attractive, the outfit was making it more appealing and they really spend a good amount on it. So, we must say that world champions have got their style.

As you are watching, these kids haven’t dressed well to only look good. They are serious salsa dancer, having back up costumes. Both of them look so cool and confident in the whole video, because they know it they have done a lot. They know how to make people dance with them, they’ve got a box with full of suspensions for you. A flying kiss and a smile did mean nothing to you, but you are enjoying and dancing with them. That’s because a little smile for a perfect moment can be so curious that you don’t want to stop looking at them.


It’s all about passion, and for this reason, we were overwhelmed by recent performance intelligently coordinated salsa moves courtesy of Beberly and Johnathan. Every second of their performance is delightful and you too will agree with me after watching this. It seems like learning salsa dancing was the best decision they’ve ever made and they love to share this beauty with everyone.



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