How to Dance Bachata

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How to Dance Bachata for beginners

Bachata is a type of Latin music that originated from the Dominican Republic. Many of the Bachata songs talk about love or romance. Bachata has gained popularity in recent times and is played and danced in many countries around the world. Bachata was earlier termed as “amargue” referred as bitter music, which later came up as “Bachata” and became trendy and popular worldwide. Along with Bachata music, came the dance style for it too.
Bachata dance has evolved due to dancers incorporating their own style and moves from other dances. The most widely known step is to move to steps to the side with a hip movement (most noted on women) and tap on the 4th beat, then two steps to the opposite direction with a tap on the 8th beat (sometimes noted with a hip move to the note).

Here are the names of some traditional Bachata Artist: Anthony Santos, Teodoro Reyes, Luis Miguel del Amargue.
Examples of musicians of Bachata Urbana are: Aventura, Prince Royce, Dominic Marte and more…


Bachata can be a very intimate and sensual dance.

In order to dance Bachata, a couple can dance either in a close position or separated in an open position. Compared to Salsa Bachata can be more sensual and intimate. Here are some basic steps on how to start dancing Bachata:

When dancing as a couple men generally start by going to the left and women facing men start by going to their right. Bachata like salsa has an 8 beat count.
You start by stepping to the left on your 1st beat, bring your right leg together on the 2nd beat, on the 3rd beat you step to the left with your left leg and on the 4th beat you tap together with your right leg.
On the next four beats you will go to your right side. On beat 5 you step with your right leg to the right, on beat 6 you bring your left leg close to your right. On your 7th beat you step with your right leg to the right, and on 8th beat you bring close your left leg and tap together.

The steps mentioned are for a man but they can be reversed for women. This set of steps is called the “basic” of Bachata, and of course you can add the rest of your body movement to complement your basic steps. You will continue doing the basic to the music and eventually with practice you can add body movements, turns, and footwork to your technique. Hopefully this information can give you an introduction on how to dance Bachata and encourage you to try it.


Basic steps of Bachata

Dancing with a partner


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