Five Great Dancers of All Time

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As much as dance has an impact on our daily lives, so do the people performing it. Here’s a  quick glance at five great dancers that have changed the face of dance through the ages.


Martha Graham’s (1894 – 1991)impact on modern dance for seven decades has earned her  the status of a ‘legend’.  The world knows her as the Mother of Modern Dance. Such was the beauty of her style that she shaped a new idiom of dance which expressed human emotions such as wrath, ecstasy and passion. She was the first to showcase her talent at the White House, the first to receive America’s highest civilian honour, the Medal of Freedom, and the first to take modern dance away from America’s shores and into the world.

kelly gene

Gene Kelly (1912 – 1996), was a major contributor to the way dance was filmed in the 20th century. His dance moves were known for their liveliness and athletic style. This Academy Award winning dancer, actor, director and choreographer dominated Hollywood’s golden musical era with his good looks and svelte moves, and brought dance to theaters all over America.


nureyevRudolf Nureyev (1938 – 1993) from Russia stepped into the shoes of Soloist at the Kirov Ballet at the tender age of twenty.  With the gifted talent to charm the audience with his emotional performances, this ballet great’s noted work is that of Romeo and Juliet which till date remains the most powerful performances of a dancing duo in ballet history.

jackson moon walkMichael Jackson’s (1958 – 2012) moves have become a staple in current day’s pop and hip hop acts. His dance styles were unique and original, as was his music. His ‘moonwalk’ signature sealed his position against dance legends as one of the greatest dancers of all time.



cortesJoaquin Cortes (1969 – present) is referred to as the God of Flamenco. With a phenomenal celebrity fan following, this trained ballet dancer from Spain, was the first to create a place for flamenco in popular culture. Cortes is the creator of a unique fusion of ballet, flamenco and modern dance, which has appealed to men and women world over.

Who are some of your favorite dancers of all time? Name them in the comment section..

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  1. I would have to agree that Michael Jackson is in the Top 5, but I did not know that about Gene Kelly. I hear the name all the time, but I just figured he was a popular actor of some kind, not realizing he was that good of dancer. Thanks!

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