El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

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Perhaps the greatest Salsa musical ensemble the world has seen, El Gran Combo from Puerto Rico has struck a chord in the hearts of music lovers across Hispanic America.

Founded in 1962, the band has been autographed as ‘La Universidad de la Salsa’ or The University of Salsa, for its outstanding contribution to Salsa genre music, and for the many world renowned salsa music artists who built their careers through it.

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico released their first album in 1963 which went on to break the charts in New York, Puerto Rico and Panama. Their number one hit not only earned them gold status recognition in Hispanic America, but also earned them a spot on El Show de las 12, the famous Puerto Rican television show.  El Gran Combo suffered from a lot of dissent within its team as some members left the group while others came on board. But despite this they continued to deliver fantastic music and the group was awarded Puerto Rico’s  Agueybana de Oro Award.

In 1973 they played at New York’s famous Yankee Stadium for 50,000 screaming fans. El Gran Combo skimmed through the decade continuing to capture the hearts of music lovers in America and Europe. In 1984, they were nominated for the Grammy Awards with their album Breaking the Ice.

After their 40th anniversary celebrations in 2002, they won a Grammy award for Best Tropical Album in 2003.

Today, El Gran Combo is still enthralling millions even after 50 years together!.

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