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El Mega Festival Peruano en Los Angeles California, July 23, 2017

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Mega Festival Peruano (part3)

Posted by Salsa Max LIVE on Sunday, July 23, 2017

Colombian Salsa group Swing Latino representing Salsa dance at the show World of Dance

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The TV contest from NBC “World of Dance” unites the best dancers on the world to compete and showcase their talent. The dance group “Swing Latino” from Cali, Colombia seeks to win the 1 million dollars price and to open the doors to other salsa groups. The Salsa group was already able to qualify to the following round.

The group is made out of 16 dancers. They are well coordinated, fast and have heart dropping tricks. The judges of this contest J LO, Ne-Yo and Derek Hough were all impressed and even J Lo mentioned they have the potential to win. Make sure to watch and support Swing Latino at World of Dance on NBC.

Shakira Dancing Bachata

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Shakira Dancing Bachata
Shakira practicing bachata for her collaboration with Prince Royce – DeJavu

You can follow Shakira on instagram below…

Shakira and Prince Royce teach you how to dance bachata

Shakira is expanding her horizons by singing bachata, if you have not already then watch the music video and enjoy more of Sharkira’s bachata moves on her music video with Prince Royce

Prince Royce, Shakira – Deja vu (Official Video)

Police Officer teaches kids to salsa dance

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Viral video of SAPD officer teaching children to salsa dance to Rik Indio’s – Demasiado Fuerte

SAN ANTONIO – A police officer showed off his salsa moves and quickly became a viral sensation.

Leslie Sapp posted the two-minute long video of a SAPD officer salsa dancing with a group of kids in a backyard. According to her Facebook post, the officer originally came to the house for a noise complaint.

They were hosting a dance crew event, but once the officer arrived it turned into a salsa dance session with kids of all ages.

Celia Cruz in an episode of Sesame Street

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Back in 1987, she appeared in an episode of Sesame Street, alongside Big Bird. And what starts as a trivial conversation about birds turns into a salsa dance session before your very eyes:

Queen of Salsa Celia Cruz performs the famous song about a tiny hummingbird, with a little help from a very Big Bird.

Heidi Somers cardio Routine includes and salsa dancing

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Heidi Somers is a fitness inspiration, online trainer, and aspiring pro Bikini competitor.

Heidi Somers

Heide Somers Dancing and Cardio

Incredible Salsa Dancing Kids

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Beberly Got a Killer look!

These two New Jersey kids are really incredible salsa dancers and will steal your heart in two minutes. Look at the rhythm of their dancing and the style of moving their feet, they are amazing. While dancing salsa, they often add their talent by moving hips as well as the upper body. Also, coordination with the foot work was another thing to admire. After all, following beats while dancing salsa isn’t too much easy. These world champion kids wasted no time getting onto the dance floor in the Salsa Caleña which requires faster movement of the feet as well as acrobatics.

The name of the girl is Beberly and she has got a killer look. Beberly along with her partner Johnathan was looking so attractive, the outfit was making it more appealing and they really spend a good amount on it. So, we must say that world champions have got their style.

As you are watching, these kids haven’t dressed well to only look good. They are serious salsa dancer, having back up costumes. Both of them look so cool and confident in the whole video, because they know it they have done a lot. They know how to make people dance with them, they’ve got a box with full of suspensions for you. A flying kiss and a smile did mean nothing to you, but you are enjoying and dancing with them. That’s because a little smile for a perfect moment can be so curious that you don’t want to stop looking at them.


It’s all about passion, and for this reason, we were overwhelmed by recent performance intelligently coordinated salsa moves courtesy of Beberly and Johnathan. Every second of their performance is delightful and you too will agree with me after watching this. It seems like learning salsa dancing was the best decision they’ve ever made and they love to share this beauty with everyone.



Benny More ( El Barbaro Del Ritmo ) the movie.

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Bartolomé Maximiliano Moré Gutiérrez conocido como BENY MORE, El Bárbaro del Ritmo o El Sonero Mayor de Cuba, fue un cantante y compositor cubano.
Nació el 24 de Agosto en santa isabel de las lajas (Cuba), falleció el 19 de febrero de 1963 a los 43 años de edad.
Además de un innato sentido musical, estaba dotado con una fluida voz de tenor que coloreaba y fraseaba con gran expresividad. Moré fue un maestro en todos los géneros de la música cubana, pero destacó particularmente en el son montuno, el mambo, y el bolero.

Benny More ( Su Historia )

Benny More ( El Barbaro Del Ritmo )

El Benny The Movie


The Health Benefits of Dance

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Dancers improved 38 seconds on a 400-meter walk for mobility!

Latin dancing couple
Dancing is all about recreating and self-entertainment, but it can also be done for fitness purpose. A recent research reveals that dancing helps improving fitness three times than non-dancers. Even if you are out of shape, you can try dancing in a group or on your own. For example, Latinos keep themselves fit by dancing though they don’t take any other physical exercises. There are many health benefits of dance.

“The finding is really not novel in the Latino community, but it was novel in the scientific community,” said Mr. David Marquez, who is an associate professor of kinesiology and nutrition department at THE University of Illinois at Chicago. Marquez and his team are among the very few who have studied dance influence on health, they searched for a kind of physical activity that will be very attractive to older Latinos.

They came up with a unique idea to test less physically active people as well as have diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Miguel Mendez was the leader of older guys enrolled in the Latin dance program, on the other hand; whites were attended class on health education program. They used to call the Latin dance class as BAILAMOS which was a combination of salsa, cha cha cha, and merengue. Spanish-speaking Latinos aged 65 improved more than students of health education program. The test required to go through a 400-meter walk for mobility. The result was astonishing, dancers improved 38 seconds, while those whites were only 10 seconds faster.

Marquez and his team confirmed that dance helps improve muscular strength and physical confidence. Dancing can be your life changing opportunity and can be very effective for your health. It helps improving mental functioning as well as spacial awareness which makes you self-confident. They also included that in dancing class people were bound to change partners because this has a positive effect on psychological wellbeing. Whenever they change the partner, they face something new which improved memory, judgment capability, and emotional process.

Adapted from Time © 2016

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony kiss then calls her like a sister

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Watch Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Share a Kiss on Stage at Latin GRAMMYs!

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony shared a kiss onstage at Thursday’s Latin GRAMMYs

Marc Anthony kiss
The 48-year-old singer tweeted multiple snaps of himself jokingly kissing his male pals, as well as a female friend, on an airplane. Anthony pointedly hashtagged the shots “#elbesoeffect.”

Shanon de lima
Marc and Shannon De Lima reportedly broke up sometime recently. They got married back in 2014, and have no children together.

Mrk anthony marriages

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