Bachata Dancing Is Featured on the MTV Series True Life

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MTV's popular television series has recently featured an episode profiling the exciting bachata dance scene in Los Angeles.

MTV’s popular television series True Life has recently featured an episode profiling the exciting bachata dance scene in Los Angeles.

If any one thing is a good indicator of a trend’s growing popularity in youth culture, a feature on a popular MTV show might be it. Recently, we’ve seen just this as the phenomenon of bachata dancing is featured on the MTV series True Life.

True Life Presents: Bachata Nights follows the story of a number of young bachata dancers from Los Angeles, California as they pursue their deepest passion—bachata dancing. As they work to solidify their ranks as some of the best dancers in the LA bachata scene, we watch as they struggle through all of the things that young people deal with—namely work, friendships, and of course romance.

The show fills an hour-long time slot and the extended length of the program allows the viewer to really reach into the lives of the protagonists. In this episode we are introduced to a number of characters. We meet Hondo and his dance partner Jessica, the two of whom have a spicy relationship on and off the dance floor. We are also introduced to Kathy, Hondo’s ex-girlfriend who is working to show him what he’s missing out on. Jonathan is a ballroom dancer that meets Kathy at a night club were he accepts to compete with Kathy at a bachata competition. We meet Chrisoula, a burger-flipper by day and a bachata queen by night, and we also meet her ex-boyfriend Dylan who is working to win her back. Drama unfolds between these characters as their lives intersect in the bachata clubs as well as on the streets of Los Angeles.

This episode of True Life has exposed the world of bachata dancing to perhaps its widest audience yet. The dance and the social scene surrounding it, both of which have been growing in recent years, are expected to continue their rapid increase in popularity thanks in part to features in popular media such as this episode of MTV’s True Life.

Watch the full episode of “True Life Presents: Bachata Nights”


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