Bachata Banda RAULITO RODRIGUEZ -“La Mujer Perfecta” (video)

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The video above plays Raulito Rodriguez, the famous Banda artist, well- liked for his style of music. He is known for his romantic lyrics in the compositions he sing, as the one in the video. Bachata music and dance forms are however a style to be followed. It’s something legendry from the historic times. Back at times; Bachata was also edged as music for the poorer classes. The dance has been influenced by Salsa, Cumbia and some other popular Dominican dance forms. Bachata, however, is not a difficult form to learn and you can become skilled in the dance form by just finding a right place to make you good fit to it.

The video above by Raulito Rodriguez named “The Perfect Woman” is a Bachata/Banda genre based on a romantic theme for which Raulito is famous. The video describes Raulito; portraying a character, who was looking for his perfect woman who would know him inside-out and would spot the real him. It shows how they were attached from childhood and their friendship moved a step ahead to love as they grew. Being good at chant, his woman marked that and took him to new heights of singing. This is a love song, dedicated to the people with fair hearts and that are not in any kind of concern to leave their loved ones amidst. On the whole, ofcourse with Raulito into it makes it even more beautiful and soothing for you to breathe into the essence of this legendry music and enjoy it.
What do you think about this bachata banda, should it stop or continue? Post your comments below…

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