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‘Aventura’ has been one of the most recognized names in Bachata music. Being the first boy-band from the Bronx to fuse the essence of Bachata with traditional American music, Aventura fever spread like wildfire. Their biggest barrier on their road to success was their very own audience, who didn’t want the traditional Bachata music to be tarnished with modern hip hop and other R&B sounds.  But it wasn’t too long before their unique music changed the face of Bachata forever.  The group was formed in 1994 by a bunch of teenagers, who struggled for almost eight years in the Bronx, before detonating the music scene in 2002 with a smash hit “Obsession” from their album We Broke The Rules.

The four members, Anthony Romeo Santos, Leny Santos, Max Santos and Henry Santos Jeter, all began their love affairs with Bachata at a very early age. The Santos boys formed a band “Los Teenagers” in high school and performed in local events. They catered to a specialized fan base which consisted of friends, and other local youngsters, who were children of Dominican immigrants, who spoke more English than Spanish, and shared a broader Latin American culture than a strict Dominican one. Their local success caught the attention of a producer who helped change the name of their band and signed them to a long term contract. Thus Aventura was born.

Despite the pressure to keep up with other successful boy bands, Aventura stood firm with their style of music, holding the elements of the Bachata close to their heart. After all it was the foundation of their music. Aventura’s style of Bachata gained massive popularity among Latinos not only in the US and Latin America, but in Europe as well. However, they had only lukewarm response from Bachata’s traditional listeners, despite their international success.

Aventura’s bachata group split in 2011, and both Romeo Santos and Henry Santos moved on to embark solo careers.

Aventura – La guerra


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