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Are you looking for the best Salsa and Bachata music in Los Angeles? Or upcoming events, classes or live bands for Salsa and Bachata? Then you need to look no further. You have found your new source for all things Salsa and Bachata in LA. Hello and welcome to My Dance Productions. A website dedicated to promoting Salsa and Bachata music and dancing in the Los Angeles area.  We are Salsa lovers looking to spread the culture.

We also promote Latin music as there is large following here in LA, but we focus mainly on Salsa and Bachata genres. Our passion for bringing the best music and dance to our readers is only matched by our passion for music and dance itself. We are all involved in the Salsa scene in way or another across LA. You have probably even seen us at your favorite spot before.

We are dedicated to bringing you updates on different events, festivals, and other exciting happenings around the Salsa scene in LA.

Ernesto Estrada

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Our founder Ernesto Estrada is a dancer and club promoter here in the Los Angeles area. He feels a very strong connection to the music and the people. Without one there cannot be the other. The music is what moves the city and creates what it is.

DJ Kato

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Our website manager Carlos Estrada is a DJ here in the Los Angeles area. He shares the same passions as Ernesto and is immersed in the sounds and vibrations of the cities Salsa and Bachata scene. He is also a seasoned mobile DJ who brings Latin music to the clubs and neighborhoods weekly.

Our Salsa expert, and adviser Rogelio Moreno is a Professional Salsa dancer, choreographer, and instructor in the Los Angeles area and lives for salsa music and dance. As it is with many of you it is a very important part of everyday life. He would like nothing more than to teach you and see you dance the salsa to.

From events, concerts, to private lessons, My Dance Productions offers a variety of things to see and do on our site. The desire to keep spreading this movement to more and more people is what keeps this website alive and growing. All with the intention of spreading this beautiful culture to the world.

And don’t miss our latest addition to the site. Our Salsa and Bachata directory of LA! Where you can review, post photos and even get directions to the hottest dancing venues in town. This added bonus to our site was made possible because we want to be your one-stop site for every and all things in Los Angeles when it comes to Salsa and Bachata. See you on the dance floor…

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If you have an event or venue that you think would be great for our site, please contact Ernesto Estrada through facebook or the direct line at the end of each page.

Want to learn Salsa? For private salsa lessons and inquires about classes contact Rogelio Morneno here: salsa lessons by Rogelio Moreno

Need a Salsa DJ? Get a quote for Carlos Estrada “DJ Kato” Mobile DJ service here: Hire a salsa DJ



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